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Strap Sweat Dress - Leather Brown (6/7 only)

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Like the Side Strap Sweat, this dress give multiple looks all in one piece.  What's unique about this is that there is just one seam around the body--right at the casing where the 3/8" twill tape extends through the casing.  Why did we do that?  Comfort for one--fewer seams, more comfort.  And it just gives off a cool minimal vibe, wouldn't you say?

When worn flat, this dress gives a simple look.  But once you pull on the twill tape and gather the dress up.  Whoa...what a cool look.  Do a scrunchy gather and wear it over leggings, or a looser gather for a more ruffled look.  Style it however you want, you won't go wrong.

Made with our exclusive cotton/lycra french terry, this dress has a very smooth and buttery feel.  And it's finished off with our double softening treatment as are all our other pieces.  We love this look, and think your little ones will too!

100% Cotton / Made in USA / Pre-shrunk