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Jetset Ruffle Dress - Berry Berry (Size 8 only)



Ruffles are ubiquitous in fashion--lots of it in rows, lots of it in cascades, lots of it everywhere.  So much so that the simplicity and beauty of the single ruffle itself gets lost in the busyness of too many ruffles.  We thought to re:create the ruffle by going completely contrarian and focus on just one ruffle.  One, you say?  One is the loneliest number, but when that one is perfect, all you need is one.  Wouldn't you say?  I mean, it's not Picasso or Rembrandt, but a single perfect ruffle makes a great statement.

Plus, when it comes to statements, we always keep in mind the "Less is More" philosophy.  So it is with our Jetset Ruffle Dress.  The overall design is a clean slate--again with our luxurious 3-end 100% Cotton Fleece--with thumbholes as a small design detail perfect for cold hands as the fall leaves rustle about and the cold winds blows.  And we cap it off with that single big perfect ruffle to make a bold statement--not in the desperate "hey look at me" way, but in a "yeah, I know it's cool" kind of way.

This dress is great by itself, or layered over leggings, and always good under a thick jacket and scarf.  We think this will be a popular one this fall, so you might want to grab it while the grabbing's good.

100% Cotton / Made in USA / Pre-shrunk