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And some rave reviews from our fantastic customers...

Amazing Hoodie!!
"This (Brooklyn Long) hoodie is super cool…both my boys have one and we always get compliments on this. Its very soft and cozy as well!!"  - Jen D.

Effortlessly Stylish!
"The magic of Mimobee is their ability to combine progressive designs with simple essentials.  I appreciate not having to sacrifice the fundamentals such as comfort, quality and function for memorable fashion.  I love that even their basic tees are strong enough to stand on their own or can be layered to create different shapes to an outfit.  Mimobee has a certain confidence about their design that allows your child to be effortlessly stylish.  Overall, it is these confident designs that are full of shapes and movement that keep my attention."
 - Sara K.

Stylish. Comfort. Quality.
"I am very particular with my personal look. Therefore... You can imagine how obsessive I am with the LOOK of my son ELLINGTON. I am fanatic and frenetic about it. Very few brands fit the image and the persona that I am tirelessly working to engineer for him. MIMOBEE is that brand for us. You can keep your ill fitting over screenprinted kids brands. Stylish. Comfort. Quality. Thank you MIMOBEE for being our go to..!”  - Coltrane C.

"The soft light layers on this dress make beautiful shapes that move and change. So soft and comfortable! A+ in all areas!"  - Sara G.

"Always love everything we get from mimobee! This tank is perfect for summer!" - Fred

"Super comfy and lightweight for summer. And my little love is loving the big pocket :)" - Erica G. (Rock It Romper)

"I just love the FIT of these clothes! Fit is everything in my opinion and I LOVE everything you guys do! It's gold! Thank you for all your hard work putting out clothing that girls AND boys look great in!!!"  - Holly W.

"We loved the romper so much, we bought two of them! Cotton soft, easy on/off and comfortable! My daughter loves it!" - Susan S.

We LOVE the Mimobee Back Wing Tee!!
"My daughter loves her Mimobee Back Wing Muscle tee. It's her go to shirt. The fabric is soft and the color looks beautiful on her olive skin. Her favorite part is when she walks, the wings slightly open exposing just a small part of her back!"  - Randi H.

Great customer service paired with cool vibe
"Love the personal touch offered by Mimobee. So awesome that both the parent and the child can agree on taste and style. Thank you!"  - Keira B. (Zippity Pkt Sweat)

Best clothes ever!
"My daughter adores her Weekender Lace Up Sweat and will not take it off. It is perfect with the matching skirt and leggings. She always gets compliments on it! Thanks for making comfortable clothes that are beautiful!!"  - Michelle K.

Free, fun, cool
"Love this piece! It's perfect for summer or any time of year for that matter. Just a great layering piece you can put over a shirt or it looks super cute over a romper. Great buy and not to mention, SUPER soft!!! You won't be disappointed. :)"  - Ashlee M. (Hang Loose Vest)

I want one in my size!!
"I got this for my 5 year old daughter in the size 6. The moment she tried it on, she refused to take it off. She loves it for its soft material, comfort and that cool side pocket to hold fun treasures she'll find throughout the day. I love it for the fact that it's pre-shrunk, it's super hip and its ability to be styled in so many ways (scarves, hipster glasses, layered, etc)! True to size so the size 6 is a little big but it still looks great and I love that she will be able to wear it for a while. I will need to stock up and bribe Mimobee to make it in my size!!"  - Katie L.

Style and Comfort
"These (Mega) pleated pants are super soft and comfortable! It is definitely a necessity in every kids closet! They also look super stylish with the Mimobee long wrap sweatshirt!"
     - Jackie K.

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