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Like many businesses, ours began with a problem.

In 2012, Helen was shopping for her niece (that's her in the black hoodie running in the top right picture), and trying to find clothes that she felt would be modern, minimal and stylish.  Having spent her career in the fashion industry, Helen's discerning eye met with rack upon rack of frustration.  Over-designed, over-embellished, garish and loud colors, and way too much prints, frills and rhinestone greeted her loud and proud.  It was all just too cute.  Way to cute.

And that was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back.  "I can't find cool solids!!" She thought.  And she was right!  The kidswear market was (and is) an exploding market, but the contemporary niche at that time was really mainly black and white tops and bottoms with lots of black and white graphics and cool quotes or drawings.  There were a few cool brands here and there, but nothing really that stood out.  At least no brands with a serious attitude about creating designed pieces with innovative design lines that treated kids with the respect that we felt they deserved.  And that was how Mimobee began--as many companies do--as a solution to a problem that many moms with keen fashion sensibility face:  finding clothes that look good, feel great, and are made with great quality.

At this point, Helen and I had spent 10 years helping a myriad of other brands looking to create their own collections, and we enjoyed it--it was rewarding to help turn other brand's fashion vision into reality.  We decided that the time was right to make the move, and we made the jump to launching our own brand.  Our years of experience helping others definitely gave us an inside advantage and preparation for the work necessary, and Fall 2013 was the launch of our very first collection.

In truth, we knew the design and production side of the business well, but the brand-building and marketing side was new territory for us.  Those early months were challenging, and it was a good thing a fashion friend suggested we not go further than we already did with the number of pieces and inventory that we already produced (and yes...some are still sitting in the warehouse, somewhere, becoming vintage pieces as I write!).  That's what happens when you put two big picture people together--the sky's the limit!  We kept pressing on...

But slowly and surely, as each season came and went (actually, we don't know where SS14 went--we never made that!), awareness and enthusiasm for Mimobee grew.  One person actually emailed us wishing us well, and hoped that we'd be around long enough  for people to see the cool clothes that we made.  Uhh...thanks...?  But that email was such an inspiration for us, since it validated the fact that moms were looking and searching for what we were creating.  One store became 10, and 10 became 50, and with the release of our FW16 Create Re:Create collection, we are pleased to be going into Barneys New York, one of the stores that we'd always envisioned being in when we began all those years ago.  Sky's the limit, right?

When we started, we always knew that we wanted to make pieces that were stylish AND comfortable for kids to wear.  Why?  Helen has repeatedly emphasized that we are what we wear, and kids most definitely know how they feel when they're in clothes that are comfortable and aren't comfortable.  We decided on using mainly fleeces and jerseys because that's what we knew would be the most comfortable.  And we chose the highest quality fabrics and applied the softest finishes, so even the kids know how comfortable our clothes are.


But it's more than just about being of our values in life, which we both have intense passion about, is that each day, we should do what we can to help people we are in community with become the best that they can possibly be, as they were meant to be.  By creating comfortable basics, with a contemporary approach, we believe that each child wearing it can pursue their daily fun and adventure with inner confidence because they are just being themselves instead of what their clothes say they should be.

It's funny to look back, sitting here in 2017, on the journey that's led us to today.  We didn't know back then, but are now keenly aware and excited about the adventure that we are taking.  And going into the future, we have even better things in store for you--so keep us accountable to always be the best for you and give us a chance to serve you better.  To wrap up, we have to simply say thank you to all of you that have come along with us on this ride, and we truly appreciate all your love and support for us.

For the kids,