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100% Made in the USA!

Our Philosophy

Mimobee creates minimalist styles with all day comfort that lets kids be free


When you look at Mimobee clothes, what do you see?  Do your eyes just quickly glance and move on, or does a small detail or some subtle design grab you by the corner of your eye just as you're just about to look at something else?  Yeah... something like that, right?


Not Tooting our own Horns

There's just that little something about each piece we make that defies easy explanations. Yes, it's true our pieces are basics, but it's not just a basic basic.  Take a look and you'll see small details and design lines that don't belong on a basic. And that's what makes our pieces THE designed and comfortable basics that you and your kids will go back to again and again.

You'll start taking mental notes when other moms stop to ask you where that top came from.  Or better yet, when your son or daughter gets compliments and they're bragging to you about it.  And most importantly, when you quickly go to that Mimobee piece in the closet and mix and match in no time because they're just so easy to style. We're not just saying this to sell you on our styles--these are actual true stories and experiences that moms have passed on to us when they email or tell us in person.

So, when you're looking for the designed and comfortable basic that your kids will go back to again and again, you're looking for Mimobee.


Leaders of Tomorrow

We look at clothes as an expression of ourselves, and that goes much more so for kids.  Why?  Because they're just starting out in life, and the early imprint of creativity and a bias towards design can never start too early.  Okay, maybe they don't really care when they're one, and we don't really either (well, not too much at least).  But, it's not too long before their individual personality starts showing through--peeks here, and brief moments there.  And that's what we want to encourage--their true selves shining through.  Of course the (most important) parenting work is needed to mold and guide them, but their true essence is beginning to take root.  He's got a mind for baseball stats, and she loves shooting home movies... and there's even a script!  And that's what we're about--letting them truly be the future leaders and creators that they all can be or already are.

And where do clothes come into this, you think?  Well, glad you asked.  Each of our pieces are basics, but most definitely designed basics with a keen eye towards style--sometimes bold, sometimes subtle, but always there.  We use knit jerseys and fleeces primarily because that's what we think is the most comfortable and allows for the most natural and uninhibited movement.  I mean, we adults basically live in our tees and jeans, don't we?  Using knits, we create designed stylish pieces that complements the kids, and with the softness and quality of our fabrics, our goal is to let your kids just be--be themselves, be free to play, be free to explore--simply just be.  Because when they're comfortable, but stylishly so, clothes actually become a part of them.  That's why we create the pieces that we do--so that each child can develop the confidence to love and fully express themselves.  For Mimobee, that is the essence of why we do what we do--this is meaningful work, and we are proud of it.


Part of the Local Community

In the modern age of globalization and everything going towards "Made in China," we, along with a growing number, have decided to be always 100% Made in USA.  We believe that a business doesn't exist in isolation for solely a profit motive. We believe that businesses such as ours, have an integral and important part to play in the community that it lives in.  To that end, we base our design studio and factory locally so we can hire from the community.  We source all our fabrics locally so that it's always made here.  We have long term relationships and friendships with all our vendor partners, which all contributes to a peace of mind and pride of creation and contribution--to our clothes, to our community, and also to ourselves, knowing that we played a part in supporting our local economy and people.  When you see the "Made in USA" on our labels, know that we take pride in that, and we hope you can support us and the larger community to keep it American made, now and always.


Locally Sourced Materials

We use 100% cotton knits--jerseys, fleeces and French terrys--that are hands down a notch above in quality than what you'll find in a lot of garments. And they are also all milled in the USA.

What makes our jerseys different?  It all starts with the yarn. Yes, we pay attention to that level of detail. The type of cotton that is used for our jerseys are made from cotton grown specifically to produce a long staple. I know what you're thinking: staple? In industry jargon, staple refers to the length of fiber that can be spun from cotton. And the longer the staple, the smoother the finished jersey will be.  That's because there is less loose fiber ends that is rough to the touch, and over repeated washes, becomes rougher and coarser, and forms those annoying little beads.  We use yarn of staple length just short of Pima cotton, which most accept as the highest quality for softness.

And not only do we use longer staple yarn, we also make sure it's compacted and combed.  By compacted, the jerseys that we use are put through a process of shrinkage reduction. This allows us to control the final sizing of the garments more closely, and eliminates any issues of shrinkage from our garments--though we always pre-wash our garments to take out the shrinkage as an additional step. What's worse than buying a garment and after one wash it doesn't fit anymore? That's what we call a rip off, and we make sure that doesn't happen when you buy our pieces. In fact, we still see kids wearing our clothes three years after they first purchased from us. Saying that you get great value from our pieces is a severe understatement.  As for combed cotton--this is an additional step we take to, essentially, comb out the yarn and make it smoother. A smoother yarn results in a smoother hand when you feel the fabric.


Our Giving

Throughout our initial few years, we'd been involved in local charity organizations.  However, as we begin this season, we are providing a way for all of us to make a difference together.  We'd always been inspired by TOMS shoes and their one for one model, and we've always felt strongly that those who have been given much, should do much.

Beginning with our FW16 season, 10% of each sale will go to a charitable cause.  As we stated above--we are not only creating leaders of tomorrow, but we care about making a difference right now.  Today.  This may be the briefest section, but it is most definitely a core value for us that we want to share with you.

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