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FW16 Create Re:Create

I'm sure you've already clicked on through the FW16 Collection, and maybe had some questions about the collection itself.  We're happy to share the inspiration and thought process that went into this beautiful collection.  We hope this inspires you to want to recreate in your corner of the world! :)

When it comes to verbalizing the creative process, it's often like grasping at the morning mist that rolls in from the beaches on those cold chilly mornings.  You think you have it, but when you open your hand, nothing.  So it was with the inspirational concept--Resetting.  But over time, inspiration came as we saw old creations and designs--in all areas of life with new eyes and perspectives--and thought it'd be great to wipe the slate clean, to reset, and start re-imagining what we'd always taken for granted.  Thus, Create Re:Create.

In particular, this collection centered on recreating garments using pinches, folds, creases, pleats, and how these little small design elements, when recreated, can bring new perspective to simple tee shirts, dresses, and sweatshirts.  Furthermore, we took elements that have been so overused, and simplified it down--like the single big ruffle in the Jetset Ruffle Dress.  Frilly ruffles become sophisticated ruffles just with a different angle.  Or enlarging simple piping and re-using that as stripes in our Rugger Piped Sweat.  You get the idea...

Along with the design inspiration, the colors for the season were a study in boldness and contrast.  Of course we always use our base foundations of black, white, and grey.  But we added strong pops of color in our Racing Red and our Berry Berry--think it's bold enough?  Enjoy!



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