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How do you pronounce your name, Mimobee?
We pronounce it Me-Mo-Bee, not My-Mo-Bee.

Where are you made?
We are proud to be 100% Percent Made in USA.  We produce in smaller batches, and have an established factory to make sure we make it here.  This is one of our values--we will never go overseas!  We want to support our local community, and provide work to our sewers here.  We do everything here locally, all the fabrics, the sewing, the washes, and the finishing.

What makes Mimobee different?
We are a design-focused kidswear brand.  That means we keep on top of the latest fashion trends, and design our pieces so that it's a) edgy and super cool looking, b) comfortable for kids to throw on and forget it about it--but look and feel great, and c) of the highest quality so that it'll last and last.  As you can see from close-ups of our photos, we have a very natural relaxed and comfortable style.  You'll see raw edges, and slightly frayed hems after our garments have been washed.  We see a natural beauty in this, and over time, as our garments are worn, the worn-in and relaxed feel will feel even more comfortable.

All our garments go through a pre-washing process to take out the shrinkage.  We also add two extra washes to soften up the fabric--it gives our garments a washed and relaxed look and feel.  Super soft.

What type of fabrics do you use?
All our fabrics are sourced and milled here in the USA.  For most of our tops and bottoms, we use 100% compacted combed cotton jersey knits that is slightly lighter than the typical knit jerseys you see out there.  This gives it a more airy feel, and the "compacted combed" finishing gives the fabric a really tight knit and bounce, and helps to keep the jersey knit's shape--even after many washes.  We've used and tested many many times, and it's still got that bounce!  Our bottom styles is just a slight bit heavier weight jersey knit.

For our outerwear, we use a 100% 3-end cotton fleece--a much higher quality fabric.  Normal fleeces are a single open-end, but we use a heavier yarn during the knitting process to give our fleeces additional weight and a tighter knit.  After wash treatments, it feels really soft on the fleece side, and still maintains a good structure.

Our heather grey fabrics, both jersey knit and fleeces, are a tri-blend fabric.  The combination of cotton, polyester, and rayon gives the pieces a very smooth and drapey feel.  The tri-blend also has a very distinct look with the knitting giving a slight speckled look to the heather grey.  The tri-blend is a very popular blend, giving these fabrics a soft, smooth, and draped look while keeping its structure.  We love this fabric when used for our heather greys.

Wait, I just saw Unisex on some pieces.  What's going on?
Well...we've been selling, and moms have been emailing us raving about how good some styles look on their BOYS!  We always knew some would be good on girls and boys, but they persuaded us that more pieces--such as the big pleat pants and the basic tail back tees--can also go both ways.  So, for you parents out there, look for the Unisex on the style for BOTH girls and boys.  ;)  We're happy to help!