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About Us

Welcome to Mimobee, the leader in Premium Contemporary Basics for stylish kids!

We love clothes, we love kids, and we love designing for them!  We believe our clothes lay the foundation for your child's inner confidence and a positive attitude--not too flashy, with a cool assurance and an appreciation for design and creativity in small details and broad perspectives.  

Mimobee believes that the clothes make the child, by not overwhelming them, but accentuating them so the kids are free to be themselves instead of being defined by their clothes.  How do we do that?  We keep it simple:

  • Begin with a touch of design that makes a subtle but strong statement,
  • Select quality fabrics that are super soft and comfortable,
  • And finished off with careful attention to quality construction of the garment.  
We've put careful thought into each of our pieces, so you can dress your child with confidence--our goal is to be the best choice in your child's closet.

Whether you're new to contemporary styling, or looking for the latest innovative pieces for your kids, you're in the right place and the right company.  Welcome!

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