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Rockstar Asym Peplum Sweat - Pink (2/3 only)



This piece is deceptive in how it sneaks up on you--it looks cute and has a subtle cool when you just look at it, but whoa... once you put it on, that asymmetrical peplum and cowl kicks this sweat into full rockstar mode.  Kids get a boost of inner confidence and creativity just swaggering around in this piece.


A little more detail about the design, though.  We've always had a weak spot for asymmetry, and when we looked at peplum styles out there, we thought it'd be fun to see what would happen if we married asymmetry with a peplum--another recreation.  The asymmetrical point creates a striking effect, and once your child wears it, the tail and flowy effect creates a super modern look.  Hard to describe, but the look is totally killer.  And the cowl gathers around the neck for warmth on cold days or can be pulled over the head completely for a mysterious look (or when your little just wants a little me time).


100% Cotton / Made in USA / Pre-Shrunk