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Freebird Long Wrap - Black (2/3 and 14 only)



As a designer, when you create, the question always hangs in the back of your mind like a lingering (and sometimes heavy) thought... will people like it?  Well, the Freebird Long Wrap is one of our best sellers!!  This even has moms asking us to carry in their size!  Versatile and stylish, this one is designed to be worn for a long time.

In line with our brand's contemporary look with a very SoCal laid back vibe, we were inspired by those fading summer beach days where you could see the skies splashed orange from the setting sun, the rising smoke and flickers of bonfires dotting the beaches along PCH, and people grabbing their towels or whatever they had and wrapping it around them as the evening chill started to set in.  With the raw hems on our 3-end 100% cotton fleece giving that chill vibe, the relaxed style of the wrap always sparks thoughts of those fun filled beach days.

But, it's not just for the beach--wherever you are--in the snowy streets of Toronto, driving through the golden terrain along Monument Valley, or just kicking it out and about on the weekends, the Freebird Long Wrap is the perfect piece to grab and go.  Ideal for layering over other Mimobee designs, this piece features ribbed cuffs, raw hems and an asymmetrical cut.  A chic essential, this cozy fleece piece can be wrapped or draped for a relaxed yet warm feel.  Oh, a word to the moms--don't try to squeeze into your kids Long Wraps--just get the size 16!

100% Cotton / Made in USA / Pre-Shrunk / Unisex


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