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"You're not what I was expecting..."

Posted on September 29 2017

Yup, that was for me.  And as soon as I heard it, I knew exactly what she meant.  In fact, I was laughing inside because she nailed it exactly.  I know that I’m not what people expect when it comes to kids clothing--and I mean really cool kids clothes.  Why?

I don’t dress fashionably.  In fact, if I could, I’d be in shorts and tees all year round.  Along with my Rainbow sandals.  Also, I don’t have kids.  I mean, who starts a kids clothing line and doesn’t even have kids, right?  In fact, I actually get a little nervous and kind of awkward around kids sometimes.  I mean, how do you talk adulting stuff with six year olds, right?  Parents, help me out here.  Please?

Thank God I’m not the designer, right?  Helen on the other hand, is totally down with fashion, and you see that in all the sophisticated styles that makes Mimobee what it is.  She’s also great with kids, and is always thinking of how to make pieces that make them look good, but is always absolutely 100% comfortable.

Remember my last email where I’d touched briefly on the changes that we’ve been going through here at Mimobee?  Well, here’s what’s up.

First, we are still fully committed to this one goal:  creating innovative contemporary styles that kids look great in and feel even better in so that they forget about the clothes and just be who they were made to be.

Secondly, we want to share more ideas and thoughts that we come across or that we’ve been thinking about to help you raise children with confidence.  Although we don’t have kids, we look at all children and know that the parenting work you all do that goes into raising each child will determine our collective future.  And we strongly believe that, even if it’s a small part, having kids feel good in what they wear helps build that confidence.  And from that comes empowerment to achieve even greater things.

We’re big on helping each person--big and small--become fully who they were created to be, and if we can help in even a small way, then we’re happy to do that.  This is our why.   The reason Mimobee exists.

Lastly, we will be continuing to push the boundary on style--I know that’s what people love about us, so we will be presenting more pieces that can amaze you.  I’m not sure if we will go all in with this quote, but it captures the essence of where we what we aspire to be design-wise.

"If I do something I think is new, it will be misunderstood, but if people like it, I will be disappointed because I haven't pushed them enough. The more people hate it, maybe the newer it is. Because the fundamental human problem is that people are afraid of change."  -- Rei Kawakubo

If you like this direction we’re going in, drop us a line.  As we feel our way forward, you’ll see us share more from our hearts and along our journey that we think may help you--in fashion and in life.


Tom "bury me in my shorts" Lo

P.S.  Did I tell you how I fell asleep on my climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro way back in high school?  More next time...


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