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What is Happiness?

Posted on October 07 2017

When life is full of stress and we're trying to get through the day without screaming at some (little) one or blowing our top or just keeping it together till the day's done... Or when we're mentally seething at the driver in front of us who just doesn't.  belong.  in.  the.  fast.  lane.  That's when we need to just R-E-L-A-X and calm down, and enjoy the moment.

Happiness is a big goal for us.  Why?  Because all too often we get bogged down by the worries and strife, and know that Happiness is a good place to be--to let out a deep breath, close our eyes, shut everything out, and just BE in the moment.  And Enjoy it.  And that is Happiness enough for us.  To appreciate each day.

We've made a few number of these, and they're here for you for FREE!  We don't know how long these will be in stock, but as long as they're available, we invite you to take one--just a small gift from us to you to remind you to be HAPPY! :)

(These are 11"x17" on a nice sturdy card stock, perfect for sticking on the wall, or framing if you'd prefer!)

CODE:  FREEPOSTER (shipping not included)


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