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Weekend Eatings...

Posted on September 22 2016

Yes, it's only Thursday, but it's never too early to start planning your weekend food.  Am I right?  We're beginning our weekend morning with brunch, and this list of LA's best brunch places is making us hangry just looking at the pictures.

After that, we might mosey on over to a good ramen place for our favorite meal around noon time.  One of our all time favorites is this place called Chibiscus Asian Cafe up in West Hollywood.  If you're in the neighborhood, consider yourself blessed.  It's a tiny place, but the bowls of noodley goodness are the best.  THE.  BEST.  Since we'll be taking the weekend in first gear, our go to ramen place will probably be Kitakata in Costa Mesa just down a little ways.  Not too ambitious this weekend, we're not.

After our nap, I think we'll roll on over to Tana for some Ethiopian grub.  If you've never tried Ethiopian food, you're totally missing out.  This is Tom's all time last-meal-before-he-dies food (of course, growing up in Africa kind of makes that a no brainer).  If you're not sure, you can Yelp for a local joint, and you can never go wrong with the veggie combination, an awaze tibs, and a shiro wat or yebeg tibs if you love lamb.  And small tip:  make sure the bread/injera to meat/veggie ratio is about one to one.  It's a tad sour.

Alrighty... let's get today out of the way, and line up some food this weekend!


p.s.  We're always on the lookout for good eats, anywhere!  So, if you've got a good food recommendation--let us know in the comments below! :)



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