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Unleashing the Creative + Pre-Order = Perfect Match

Posted on January 22 2018

Over the years, we've always striven to create cool, sophisticated, fashionable, and comfortable clothes for your kiddos.  We shied away from playing it safe, though we do put out styles that are good solid basics that are great 24/7.  And I think that those of you who buy us appreciate that level of attention we put into creating fashion pieces that, frankly, many adults wished they could wear.  Actually, there are those of you out there that have bought these for yourselves.  Good on ya! ;)

But, kids fashion being what it is, the reality is that there's a limited window that kids can wear each piece.  To be fair, our design philosophy and aesthetics really pushes that window.  We do that by emphasizing a looser comfy style, and we deliberately design a bit on the oversize so that kids can grow into it and look good even longer.  Those of you who've bought from us can attest to that--three years later, right?

For 2018, we've re-committed ourselves to push the fashion envelope even more this year, and that means edgier and bolder styles that makes its strong (but subtle) fashion statement.

What does that mean?  That means, we are going to be creating a lot more styles that you're probably gonna go, "Whoa!  Not so sure about that one..."  But, on second glance, your mind's gonna say, "Yeah, really dig it though."

And we're going to create a lot of these pieces, some honestly more conceptual, that you can purchase.  On a pre-order, limited edition basis.


Because we've got lots of ideas, but really need to focus our dollars on what people actually want.  Do we really love everything we make?  Yep, we sure do!  But, are they all going to be pieces that sell like hotcakes?  Well, we wish that were the case, but that's not reality.

So, our happy middle ground solution that allows us to continue creating cool stuff but not break the bank (and our backs!) is to present our styles on a pre-order basis.

How Will it Work

We'll make our styles, put it online for ordering for about 5-7 days, and then make what's ordered.  Then we'll ship these out in 2-3 weeks, and you can (okay, your kiddos can) show off the hottest fashion that'll make them the envy of their friends.  Some of you are already familiar with this, since we've done limited edition styles this way before.  Copacetic?

Starting this upcoming Spring Summer 2018 season, you're going to see these pre-order pieces popping up online.  We'll let you know exactly when it's available for order, and when each style will ship.

But, our existing core styles will still be available all year round, and that won't change.  So don't worry if our Chillers Tail Back Tee is going away, alright?  Though, being the creative that she is, Helen's probably looking at changing up some core pieces.  We'll let you know...

Drop us a line if you like this or not, alright?  Either way, get ready for cool styles to come at you soon!




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