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Kids Fashion: How soon is too soon...?

Posted on September 26 2016

That's a good question, isn't it?  This is an intriguing article we think is worth a read.

It may sound a bit ironic coming from us, but we do sometimes wonder how soon is too soon for fashion.  Don't we all remember our younger days when we just wore what we wore and went about our day?  I mean, we had our favorite pieces, and we knew what we thought looked cool to the other kids at school.  But, did we have a fit when it's not Nike or Bobo Choses or whatever the cool brand was...?

We wonder sometimes if kids should just be free to be themselves, or be little mini-me's of their parents?  Or put under the pressure that we as adults face of having to maintain an image...?  But, if kids fashion produces great looking clothes that kids love, then is there really harm in that?

In the end, we believe it's a matter of motive--if the goal is to clothe the child, but at the same time build up their confidence and help them develop an appreciation for design and style in their own way, then we think that's cool.  Because that's kind of what we're all about at Mimobee--our first and foremost focus is on the child.  Not to have them be a statement for someone else, but letting them be free to be themselves.

What say you...?


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