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Krisztina Paskuly // Mimobee Ambassador Profile

Posted on May 25 2016

(Liam in our Edgy Dolman and Del Mar Shorts, Krisztina in our Double Scoop
Pleat Tee, and Kai in our Stuffit Muscle Tee)


Here at Mimobee, we always keep an eye out for women who cut a distinctive edge, and go their own way... and we are so delighted to be able to have Krisztina Paskuly as one of our brand ambassadors. We've long admired her eye for style, the way she composes her images, and you can definitely see that she has a particular position when it comes to design. We're so happy to introduce her to you enjoy this short little Q&A!

Q: How would you describe your design ethos/philosophy?
A: My design philosophy when it comes to clothes (adult or kids) is minimal, modern, comfy, chic.

Q: When you decide on garments for your children, what guides you stylistically?
A: When I pick garments for my kids, the most important thing for me is a soft comfortable material, cozy for cold seasons and light and airy for the summer. I appreciate a simple but clever modern design when it comes to the style of the clothes, and being functional is key.

Q: What's your favorite place to take photographs of your kids?
A: I love modern architecture--I feel a special passion about the mid-century era for both interior and exteriors, so I love that vibe as a backdrop for shooting images. I love rocky beaches and the mountains as well, and generally prefer exterior shots over interiors.

Q: Any thoughts on how Mimobee pieces reflect your own personal aesthetics?
A: Mimobee represents everything that is important to me when it comes to design and fashion, unique, modern, sleek and effortlessly cool.

Q: Last parting advice to moms on styling their kids?
A: When coming to dress your kids, do not be afraid of white--it’s actually the easiest to clean spots out of, as it will not fade, and makes it easy to spot your kids on the playground or in crowded places. Make sure your kids are comfortable in their garments, and give them options to choose from so they feel they have control over what they put on their bodies according to their mood.

Thank you Krisztina!  You and Mimobee are a perfect fit!  We love our simple but unique pieces on Liam and Kai, and they look so comfy in them, too!  Form and function in perfect harmony!




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